Its All about Life!

Every single day is like Ripple in an ocean. We need to sail through the ups and downs to reach our destiny!!

Time Matters!!
(Dedicated to all those who work hard to achieve their dreams and who struggle to overcome the deepest problems in their lives)

             It all starts with a first slushy kick in our mother's belly.. An amazing moment that creates pain followed by immense joy!!! It just begins there. Then comes an infinite pain when the baby comes out . Wow! What a feeling!. A proud winning moment for every mother; A happiest moment for every father. Tears of pain rejuvenates with droplets of joy. The only instant when a babys cry makes someone happy (for being safe) rather than making sad. Life goes just like this. When there is a sad moment , it just gets replaced with a happy moment.

             Pain is the preface for happiness. Journey of life is like a boat on a sea. Ripples fumble all around. When the tide is low, we drown down; when high - we rise and shine. If we desire something desperately and if we don’t get it , we just get upset. We get depressed. We get a feel like - Why only me. Our Inner chi goes down. But always remember!!! It’s just a down time in a ripple. It’s just a time to test our patience. It’s a time that will make us stronger . It’s time to look around and explore something astounding. It’s time to self realize. We have a rising tide coming on the way.  May be we are destined to get something better. May be something on the way which we don’t even expect to exist. May be something that brings inner peace(just like Kung Fu panda.. :-) ). Every living being in this world goes through this phase. For few may be the ripples are denser and for few they are shallow. Eventually happiness covers around once the tide is high.

            Time is the manager. Good times or bad times .. they just come and go. The fact about ‘How we are’ during tough times decides ‘What we are’. Its very important to keep our confidence and fight the war. We may lose multiple times!! But not always. If we have a determined goal and an exponential will power , followed by hard and smart work we will undoubtedly win. This winning becomes habit . This habit becomes success. Our Inner Chi just gets profused. So keep trying in whatever time you are. Be true to yourself and move ahead. Time brings in all.


With Hope,

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